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Why Us?

All of us at The Property Lifeline are committed to helping you through your property problems in a professional, ethical and timely manner.

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Our Philosophy

There are many unscrupulous companies out there ready to take advantage of you. We are not one of those companies! Our cash offers are genuine and our Assisted Sales system guarantees you will earn more from the sale of your property. We never work with third parties, use mortgages or sell your information on. Our objective is to solve your problems, quickly, professionally and ethically, because that’s how we grow our reputation.

What to Expect

We treat each one of our clients as an individual, every client’s problem is different and it is up to us to provide you with the best solution to your problem.

  • First we listen to your situation.
  • We then work out as many possible solutions we can.
  • We then discuss those options with you, explaining in plain english the benefits of each solution and recommending to you the best route to take.
  • Once you are happy and a solution agreed upon our teams starts work.
  • TPL only works with fully regulated solicitors, brokers and registered tradesmen.
  • You will be kept up to date every step of the way, we believe regular updates to be essential to giving our clients peace of mind.
  • Problem solved! Whether you have accepted a cash offer or we have generated more money for you from the sale of your property, your problem is now over!

Professional Expertise

The team at TPL have a combined total of over 15 years of working in the property market stopping repossession and solving problems.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and transparent way of working.


We’re accredited by The Property Ombudsman, which means you can be confident that we approach things the correct way, and the Trading Standards Institute, a government-run initiative that ensures members have the highest professional standards.


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