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Joanna – facing repossession
Mr Brown – rehoused
Claire – boundary dispute


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Mr Brown – Rehoused

David was being repossessed by two different lender when he called us, listen to what he says about how we helped him stop the repossessions and rehoused him … (read more)

Joanna – Facing Repossession

Joanna lived in Islington North London and after meeting a new partner and the decided to move in together, whilst renting her flat out to a friend. Things were working out quite well until both Joanna and her partner lost their jobs. To make things worse, at around the same time the tenant in Joanna’s place left. With no income and … (read more)

Claire – Boundary Dispute

In September of last year The Property Lifeline were contacted by a lady called Claire with a unique problem we had not previously come across. A boundary dispute with the local council had left her at the point of a nervous breakdown and she wanted to sell her house fast in order to move on with her life. The property in question was a 3 bed semi detached house had been built 15 years ago by a local, well established builder. Claire had purchased the house directly from him and had lived there happily for 12 years until three years ago. A council worker discovered that Claire’s … (read more)

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