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Stop Repossession Case Study 1

Stop Repossession Case Study 1

Helping Joanna Stop Repossession

The Property Lifeline has helped hundreds of people stop repossession in the last 5 years and each repossession case is different. Each require a bespoke approach to resolve it. This will the first in a series of case studies, looking at previous, real life situations, the process we followed and the people involved.


Joanna lived in Islington North London and after meeting a new partner and the decided to move in together, whilst renting her flat out to a friend. Things were working out quite well until both Joanna and her partner lost their jobs. To make things worse, at around the same time the tenant in Joanna’s place left. With no income and 2 mortgages to pay things were desperate. Despite doing all the correct things such as speaking to her lender and visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau, Joanna could not afford to refurbish the flat which would enable her to find a new tenant.After a few months the lender took Joanna to court for possession of the property.

Fortunately a few days before Joanna had secured herself a new job and an agreement was made in front of the judge that a specified amount would be paid on top of the mortgage towards the arrears. Although this seemed to present a solution at the time, it unfortunately didn’t work, the arrears on 2 mortgages plus a further 2 loans proved too much and before long Joanna’s lender issued further County Court Repossession proceedings.

Stop Repossession Case Study 1

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The Court Process and Dealing with the Lender

With the second hearing only three days away Joanna typed into a search engine, “I need to sell my house fast” and found The Property Lifeline, after a quick chat on the telephone one of our agents was sent to meet Joanna and discuss all possible options. The property was appraised and an offer made that Joanna accepted. We immediately called the mortgage provider in an attempt to negotiate a temporary postponement of the hearing to allow the company the time required for a survey and searches to be carried out. After an hour of battling on the telephone we were told the lender was refusing to assist us. The court hearing would proceed the following afternoon as the lender wanted the judge to issue a date for eviction. Nonetheless The Property Lifeline instructed solicitors to act for both parties, along with a survey and searches.

The solicitors promptly contacted the lender to also negotiate a postponement. This was also to no avail. With the survey booked for the following morning we hit our first hurdle. The local council had a turnaround time of 10-15 days for the searches and management pack and that payment had to be by cheque. Undeterred a company representative was dispatched to head to the council offices with a cheque and instructions to ensure the turnaround time shortened. After an hour of explaining the gravity of the situation Islington council agreed to pull out all the stops and get the pack back by email within 48 hours.

The same agent then proceeded from the council offices straight to the property to meet with the surveyor, the survey was carried out without issue and after a little more pleading the surveyor agreed to have the report ready before the end of the day! At the same time the solicitors were liaising and issuing contracts and a Notice of Intent to Purchase, along with Proof of funds and Confirmation of Instruction were drawn up in preparation of the court hearing.

The agent dealing with the transaction duly attended court with Joanna, whom by this time was deeply troubled and the solicitor acting for the lender asked for a private one to one meeting, during this brief meeting the solicitor explained that he was instructed to ask the judge to award possession and a date for eviction of Joanna, and even with all of the paperwork we provided, he could not proceed any other way.

The Solution

In the hearing the judge asked if we were there acting as an advisor but Warren explained that The Property Lifeline are a company specialising in buying property quickly and that Joanna found us online. We provided the notice of intent to purchase, poof of funds and confirmation of instruction to the judge and explained that all we required before we could complete was that management pack, due in within 24 hours and we could simultaneously exchange and complete, repaying the lender in full. The judge then agreed to extend the repossession by not 24 or 48 hours but a full 14 days! 

Obviously this gave Joanna a huge amount of relief and we were able to exchange the following day and complete the following week giving Joanna the time required to move her remaining belongings out of the property.

The sale completed without issue giving Joanna relief from the stress of the last year and also a large lump sum of money to start over again. You can also read her testimonial on our blog Joanna’s Testimonial.

Should you or anyone you know need to stop repossession, or simply need a fast sale please contact us at , or call us on 0800 511 8685.

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