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Solving Property

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All of us at The Property Lifeline are committed to helping you through your property problems in a professional, ethical and timely manner. Whatever life throws at you, we’re here to help, and we’ve helped hundreds of people through a range of problems and issues:

Quick Cash Sales

If you’re faced with a situation that means you need to sell your property fast, we can help. Whether you’re facing divorce, relocation or want to clear your debts, we can make a genuine cash offer that is guaranteed. Whatever the condition or location of your property, we can help. Alternatively, why not ask us about our unique Assisted Sales service where you could earn more money from the sale of your property?



Repossession and its consequences can be a terrifying thought, but you don’t need to panic. If you are facing repossession, we can help you keep your home. We specialise in repossession and have years of experience in helping people stop it happening. No matter at what stage of the process, we can step in and do what it takes to help you. It’s never too late to make an application to the court and we have the skills, team and tools to halt proceedings today.

Clear Your Debts

Today’s expensive world means it can be a struggle to keep afloat financially, to afford even the basics. Credit card hopping, overdrafts, loans – it’s a heavy weight to bear and sometimes it feels like it will never end. Debt is a very common problem, but it needn’t be yours. We can offer a fast sale for a decent cash price, and when you’ve accepted our offer we can handle your creditors for you: liaising directly with them and often negotiating a reduction in repayment fees, so that you can get your life back.

Inherited Land or Property

Sometimes unplanned things happen – like inheriting land or property. When you are faced with a situation that you aren’t familiar with, or, you’d like advice about your options, we can help you make the decision that is right for you. Perhaps your new assets need repair or maintenance; perhaps you’d like to sell or rent them; perhaps there are legal issues you’re not aware of. Whatever the problem, we’re here to help you gain clarity and a clear plan of action.

Commercial Property

Whatever type of commercial property you have, shop, stables, garages or even a lock up, we guarantee to make you an offer and complete quickly. Our team can access the property, it’s tenants and any structural problems, quickly, efficiently and confidentially. Need a quick sale but also the time to move stock and shut down a business? Talk to us about our Assisted Sale system and how you can earn more from your property.


Divorce can be distressing. It’s one of the most stressful things you can face in life; there is so much to consider – feelings, the children, friends and family; selling your property only adds to the pressure.

Many people consider a fast cash sale for their property is exactly what they need, and one less thing to worry about. At The Property Lifeline, we’ll not only make you a cash offer and help you with a fast sale for your property, we’ll also offer a totally confidential service, liaising directly with both solicitors and ensuring the sale process is as quick and hassle-free as you need it to be.

Probate Issues

Probate issues can be very complex, especially where property is concerned. Probate must be obtained before any property can be sold, and sometimes this is straightforward – and sometimes not. If you’re an executor, and accept our offer, we can support and guide you, liaising with solicitors and other professionals to ensure that the sale runs smoothly for you.

Leasehold Problems

Is your lease too short to sell or remortgage? Leasehold property law is complicated enough: it can be a nightmare when trying to sell your leasehold property. There’s not too much protection for leaseholders. This is where we step in. We can buy your leasehold in super quick time; all done ethically and professionally.

Earn More From Your Property

Using our Assisted Sales system we can help you to earn more money from the sale of your property, regardless of your situation! Facing repossession? We will get it stopped! House need updating? We can have it refurbished before it goes on the market! Why not see if you qualify for our Assisted Sales system and we can not only take your problems away but also help put more money into your pocket!

Broken Chain

A lot can go wrong when you are trying to sell your property quickly – you may be ready to sell but your buyer may not be; things take time; there are mortgages to arrange; your buyer needs to find a home; perhaps they even drop out or their buyer drops out. Selling your house can be a hassle, but it needn’t be. Call us for a genuine cash offer and quick sale to cut out all the complexities.

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