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Sell My House Fast Case Study 2

How Mr Barton from Ashford managed to sell his house fast with The Property Lifeline


In January of last year The Property Lifeline received a call from a gentleman called Mr Barton in Ashford, Kent, seeking a fast sale, a cryptic conversation followed where Mr Barton explained that the house was not being repossessed, he was not moving abroad and that he was not being divorced by his wife all he required was a fast, guaranteed sale without any hiccups and that if we could provide that service he would like us to arrange a viewing for the house to be appraised.

Our local agent Annita was sent to the property the following day only to discover there were two reasons why Mr Barton needed a fast cash sale. The first reason was that since Mr Barton had been divorced by his wife 8 years previously and he had neglected the property and it was currently un-mortgageable . 

The second reason Tony had come to us was because even though he had been divorced for 8 years his wife was still on the mortgage and in recent times had fallen ill, subsequently becoming registered disabled and could not receive benefits to help her cope because she was still technically a home owner. 

Annita explained that selling a house where both parties are no longer on speaking terms can prove exceptionally difficult but that we would be able to assist along the way by acting as a medium. 
An offer was made and accepted and a survey instructed. Three days after the survey was carried out we had the report in the office and Annita called Tony to confirm the property had valued exactly as expected and that we were not able to instruct the solicitors.

Sell House Fast

Knowing The Full Story

However, 2 weeks after the solicitors were instructed we were informed that Tony had not returned any of his paperwork to his solicitors, despite several calls from him confirming they had been. Annita called to discuss this with Tony but he unfortunately would not answer the telephone or return our calls. Consequently we believed that Tony had changed his mind.

four weeks later our office received a call from a very angry Mrs Barton. She was very upset that the sale was not proceeding. We explained that an offer had been made and that Mr Barton had subsequently ceased correspondence with us. Mrs Barton then insisted that the sale was very much still on and that she would appreciate a visit from us. The following day another of our agents, Warren, went to Ashford to meet with Linda and the full story became apparent.

When the divorce had happened it had been amicable and Linda had moved out of the house and into rented accommodation, this had proved to be satisfactory for everyone until she became very ill and then disabled and unable to work. After seeking some help from the government Linda was informed that as she owned a house she was not entitled to the benefits she required. After trying to speak with Tony about the situation and finding him uncooperative she had sought legal advice and eventually taken him to court. At the hearing the judge had found in Linda’s favour and ordered that the house be sold and all proceeds would go to Mr Barton for him to buy or rent another house.

Our solicitor made contact with the solicitors representing Mr and Mrs Barton and made it clear that they were instructed to act for us and would be on call to assist if required.

A recorded delivery letter was sent to Tony Barton explaining that we were now in possession of the full facts and could help with the transaction and would still be interested in purchasing the property but that should Mr Barton not reply to the letter with 14 days we would close the file.

After a few days Tony got back in touch and another meeting was set up for us to really get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution.
During the meeting we discovered that Tony had deep concerns about where he would go to and what he would do with the belongings he had collected over the years and he was also very unsure of how to go about the process of renting a house but that he knew he had to sell for the sake of his ex wife’s health.

Going That Bit Further

The Property Lifeline arranged a completion date of 6 weeks from that date and we set about helping Tony to move into his new home, after some searching a property was found in the next road and a deal agreed that Tony could pay 1 years rent upfront to the landlord, this gave him peace of mind about the move. Next we found a garage to let and struck a deal with the owner for Tony’s belongings to be stored in there and the rent paid annually. Between Warren, Annita and the three solicitors we then carefully managed the transaction through to completion and on the day of completion hired the removal van for Tony and moved him into his new home with over £50,000 in his bank account and peace of mind. Mrs Barton did not make any financial gain from the sale at all but she did manage to get the disability benefits she badly needed.

If you are facing repossession, dealing with divorce or need to sell your house fast, please feel free to contact or call us on 0800 511 8685.

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