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Stop Repossession With an Assisted Sale

Stop Repossession and Sell Your House Fast With an Assisted Sale According to a news report in November of last year, over 26,000 home owners were repossessed in the first 9 months of 2012 and a further 159,000 were in arrears with predictions being made for this year to be even worse. What can people having their house repossessed do to stop it? The main ways to stop repossession are: Change you ...[Read More]

Stop Repossession

With Christmas behind us once more and credit card bills beginning to fall through the letter box, many thousands of people are waking up to the very real prospect that they are now facing repossession, with this in mind we at the property lifeline have decided to take a look at the Repossession process, the consequences of being repossessed and how measures can be taken to stop repossession now T ...[Read More]

Sell Your House Fast and Avoid The Sharks

Sell your house fast Everyone has heard the horror stories about companies that offer to buy your house from you within a matter of days and then either string you along or rip you off or try to involve you, unwittingly, in mortgage fraud. Well the property lifeline has decided to put together a guide to avoiding the sharks and seeking out only the respectable buying companies that can assist you ...[Read More]

Adding Value To Your Property Without Spending Thousands

Sometimes the easiest way to sell your property quickly is to spend a little to achieve a lot. To many people seeking to sell their house fast, the thought of spending money and taking the time to decorate, extend or convert, may seem counterproductive but this isn’t always the case! Today, the property life line looks at the top tips for increasing the value of your home quickly and cheaply. The ...[Read More]

How to Sell your House Quickly

The UK property market is still at a virtual standstill with prices stagnating or in some places still falling, If you want to sell your house quickly, you may have found that it can be an uphill battle! An abundance of property available and vendors willing to take lower offers to be able to move quickly really make the current period a buyer’s market. However there are some things you can do to ...[Read More]