Issues When Selling a Flat

At The Property Lifeline we speak with hundreds of people in the process of selling a flat as they do not seem to be able to sell them on the open market at all. Not all of these people have financial trouble, aren’t facing repossession and for many this can be a very frustrating time as it can be very confusing as to why they aren’t able to sell them quickly. There are a number of factors that ha ...[Read More]

Buying a House With a Boundary Dispute Case Study

How The Property Lifeline stepped in to solve a boundary dispute between Claire and her Council. Background In September of last year The Property Lifeline were contacted by a lady called Claire with a unique problem we had not previously come across. A boundary dispute with the local council had left her at the point of a nervous breakdown and she wanted to sell her house fast in order to move on ...[Read More]

Sell My House Fast Case Study 2

How Mr Barton from Ashford managed to sell his house fast with The Property Lifeline Background In January of last year The Property Lifeline received a call from a gentleman called Mr Barton in Ashford, Kent, seeking a fast sale, a cryptic conversation followed where Mr Barton explained that the house was not being repossessed, he was not moving abroad and that he was not being divorced by his wi ...[Read More]

Sell My House Fast Case Study 1

How Alex from Colchester managed to Sell His House Fast with an Assisted Sale Background Alex lives in Colchester, Essex and for a number of years had been employed at the local betting shop as the manager. After losing his job, he began seeking employment elsewhere immediately, but without luck and eventually could no longer afford to pay the mortgage. After several months of discussions with his ...[Read More]

Stop Repossession Case Study 1

Stop Repossession Case Study 1

Helping Joanna Stop Repossession The Property Lifeline has helped hundreds of people stop repossession in the last 5 years and each repossession case is different. Each require a bespoke approach to resolve it. This will the first in a series of case studies, looking at previous, real life situations, the process we followed and the people involved. Background Joanna lived in Islington North Londo ...[Read More]

Tenants From Hell

How to Manage the Tenants From Hell. Having been in the property business for a number of years The Property Lifeline has seen most things and experienced its fair share of bad tenants. But what happens when you rent your property to someone seemingly respectful only to find out that you have just inherited the tenants from hell? We have found out the hard way! Following this experience we decided ...[Read More]

The Demise of Sale and Rent Back

For many home owners struggling with debts, Sale and Rent Back (or SARB as it is more commonly known) was the light at the end of the tunnel. Gaining popularity during the mid noughties, it allowed many thousands of people to overcome a financial crisis and remain living in their home by simply selling the house to an investor at a discount and then renting it back at a discounted rate. Unfortunat ...[Read More]

High Street Closures Housing Crisis

Could the fall of the high street help the housing crisis? It has been estimated that in 2012 an average of 30 shops per day were closing in Britain and that by the end of the year, empty shops accounted for around 10% of all the shops on the high street. As the problem becomes worse isn’t it about time someone examined why this is happening and what can be done to turn the situation from a horren ...[Read More]

Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit? Universal Credit is a new single benefit system due to be implemented firstly in the North West and then across the rest of the UK at various dates through 2013. The Government has stated that it is trying to help claimants and their families to become more independent and simplify the benefits system by bringing together a range of working-age benefits into a single stre ...[Read More]

Leasehold Conveyancing Process

Buying a property can seem like a daunting prospect but understanding how each part of the process works can immensely help, especially if the property in question is a Leasehold property. To help buyers, especially investors understand the process, The Property Lifeline has put together the step by step leasehold conveyancing process.  There is a handy summary at the end of the article, but we re ...[Read More]